Atlanta, GA

The Art Institute of Atlanta is seeking an experienced President to lead the main campus in Atlanta and the branch campus located in Virginia Beach (The Art Institute of Virginia Beach). Interested candidates should possess a minimum of a Masters degree (Terminal degree preferred), extensive experience in non-profit education, ability to engage with a diverse student population, a focus on enhancing the student experience across the institution and excellent communication skills.

Summary:   The President is accountable for the overall operation and effectiveness of The Art Institute of Atlanta (main campus) and its branch campus (The Art Institute of Virginia Beach).  The President is responsible for ensuring a quality educational experience and maintaining a student-focused environment that leads to improved student learning, retention/persistence, and graduate success. The President is expected to create strong community partnerships and community presence.  As an innovative leader, the President is responsible for continuously improving institutional programming and operations to serve the needs of the student population.  The President must be committed to the institution-wide vision and mission and be able to effectively communicate that mission and vision to internal and external stakeholders. 

The President is accountable for key outcomes related to the strategic leadership of the institution and the alignment of goals and activities to the overall mission and vision of The Art Institutes.  The President must demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset and maintain a record of consistent achievement in establishing effective partnerships of mutual support with local businesses, other academic institutions, and communities across the main and branch campuses.

Key Job Elements:

  • Strategic Leadership and Goal Setting:
    • Articulates and promotes long term vision for the institution that aligns with the overarching mission.
    • History of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with all institutional departments to ensure student success, including branch campus(es). 
    • Proven track record with the development and execution of the vision, mission, institutional effectiveness plan, and strategic plan and direction required to ensure academic excellence and institutional success.
    • Leadership experience that clearly demonstrates an ability to enhance, develop, and implement campus-based, student-centered academic and support services to promote student success and graduation.
    • Identifies and analyzes problems / issues confronting the institution. Recommends and implements appropriate actions in response to challenges and changes across the institution.
    • Ensures an ongoing continuous improvement process that stems from reliable institutional effectiveness data and use of results.
    • Makes effective use of institutional-level data and higher education trends in decision making and goal setting.
  • Fiscal Accountability and Business Acumen:
    • Budgetary experience with an ability to read and interpret financial reports, to develop effective budgets linked to institutional assessment, and to forecast projected results.
    • Utilizes a collaborative budget development process that results in budget priorities that align with the overarching institutional mission and goals.
    • Provides sound fiscal management that adheres to budget priorities and which contributes to the financial stability of the institution.
    • Pursues opportunities from external grants/contracts, foundations, businesses, and /or individuals that steadily increase funding.
    • Takes initiative to achieve identified, measurable and quantifiable fiscal outcomes that achieve budgetary expectations.
  • Academic Quality and Student Success:
    • Proven and successful experience with compliance with federal, state, and accrediting body standards and regulations.
    • Contributes to the development and enhancement of the academic quality of the institution.
    • Experience collaborating with accrediting and licensing teams to maintain accreditation and strong relationships with accrediting bodies.
    • Promotes a quality academic environment that nourishes student growth and learning.
    • Maintains effective student services that engage and support a diverse student body.
    • Possesses strong knowledge of federal, state and accreditation requirements (both institutional and programmatic) and other regulatory policies and statutes.
  • Institutional Advancement and External Relationships:
    • In-depth experience creating strong community partnerships and community presence.
    • Works with businesses, corporations and individuals to attract funding opportunities and create new revenue sources.
    • Identifies and implements strategies that strengthen existing community partnerships and forms new collaborations.
    • Works to develop appropriate and constructive relationships with the media and other public relations vehicles throughout the region and communities of the main and branch campuses.
    • Remains abreast and apprises constituents of the impact of state and federal trends and decisions of the institution.
    • Represents the needs of the institution to appropriate federal and state level legislators and agencies.
  • Governing Board Relationships:
    • Prepares for productive and engaging Board of Trustees meetings via action-oriented agendas and comprehensive informational materials.
    • Offers guidance to the Board of Trustees on items requiring board action that stems from thorough analysis of institutional-level data and sound educational principles.
    • Communicates effectively and provide adequate information to the Board of Trustees.
    • Keeps the Board of Trustees apprised of critical maters (both positive and negative) involving community concerns, media coverage, accreditation activities and any litigation.
  • Institutional Growth:
    • Supports and manages the growth of robust and diverse student body with potential learning success.
    • Supports and manages a student retention plan that stabilizes enrollment and contributes to institutional growth.
  • Resource Allocation
    • Ensures that human resources are effectively managed, evaluated and developed.
    • Ensures physical facilities and spaces are properly maintained and adhere to practices of safety and security.
    • Uses technology as a tool to promote greater student access, innovative learning options, efficiencies in services and institutional productivity.
    • Confronts and promptly addresses inappropriate behavior among colleagues and subordinates.
    • Facilitates opportunities for the professional development of colleagues and subordinates.
  • Faculty Support and Relationships:
    • Ensures the availability or meaningful professional development opportunities for faculty.
    • Provides for broad participation and collaboration of faculty in planning and decision-making.
    • Recognizes and awards accomplishments of outstanding faculty.

Reports To:  Chair - Board of Trustees, The Art Institute of Atlanta

Supervises: Campus Director – Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Admissions, Dean of Student Success, Financial Analyst

Indirectly:  Senior Administrative Assistant, Campus Technology  

Job Requirements (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities):

  • Knowledge:
    • Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution required.  Terminal degree preferred. Prior experience as an academic, with SACSCOC accreditation, and working with a Board of Trustees is highly preferred.
    • Demonstrated senior leadership experience in an applied arts organization would be an asset.
    • Minimum of 7 years of progressively responsible leadership experience in non-profit education, with experience in fundraising and community engagement initiatives.
    • Experience demonstrating sound fiscal management and achieving budget goals.
    • Ability to foster a culture that recognizes the value and experiences of each member of the AiA community and that provides meaningful assistance intended to enhance their individual success as members of the community.

JOB CODE: 1000102